mercredi 19 juin 2013

Une journée dans la peau de Jon Mavor

Le développement de Planetary Annihilation bat son plein et c'est la folie dans la petite équipe d'Uber entertainement, surtout depuis la sortie de l'Alpha et des releases hebdomadaires.

A la question, que pouvons-nous faire pour les "backers du Kickstarter", quelqu'un a répondu "racontez-nous votre galère". Et voici la galère quotidienne de Jon Mavor, chef de projet :

"- DOS attacks on forum, dealing with that
- how to distribute papatran, should I just post it in the forum? How about let's put it in the build? Oh **** where does it go on mac? Oh crap are there any licensing issues with the fbx stuff?
- linux library bs static linking vs sym links, how the crap do you change a cursor on linux?
- wtf is the assist broken again dammit - pokes at people - improvements checked in (still needs more work)
- why the heck are nuke explosions sideways? oh align to projectile, need a way to fix that
- read a whitepaper from a potential payment provider
- fabber sub - should it be t1 or t2? discussion ended at t1
- spent time before lunch with Allen going over planet generation fixes + metal spot placement - ran into lunch and everyone left without us - eat lunch alone (downcast ok from reddit)
- played a couple of test games on our dev site and crashed the server - look at crashes
- discussion on how to distribute 32-bit builds for windows - talk about 32-bit linux and whether we should support (ended convo at no)
- spent some time playing around with construction aircraft movement - made it a bit better but
realized they weren't wobbling - that turned into a discussion about how this stuff should be structured in the code nav vs tasks - pushed doing wobble via animation onto stack
- discussion about how/when to remove files from our install directory - talked about nuking with impunity vs trying to be smart - convo ended at try to be smart
- checked up on the status of the planet editor that has continually been pushed back for stability work
- sent 32 emails today on almost as many different topics
- talked to Russel and got an update on how the new strat icons are coming
- posting on various forums + twitter (like this right here)

+ a bunch more stuff I can't remember and probably don't want to"

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